Thursday, November 4, 2010

# 5 Family Fun- FHE Lehi's Vision Activity

Bring the scriptures to life for a fun Family Home Evening. Teach your children about Lehi's vision in the Book of Mormon (1 Nephi 11 through 1 Nephi 15).  Run a long line of string through your home and attach it to a door knob at one end and a tree at the other end in your backyard/front yard, etc. (make a paper tree and put it on the door if you don't have a tree to attach it to).  Place a few obstacles your children can climb around  or over (couch cushions, chairs, etc) along the path of the string you strung up.  Blindfold each of your children (vail of forgetfulness). Guide each child one by one through the house along the string and explain each representation of  what Lehi and Nephi saw in the Vision of the Tree of Life from the scriptures, simply. *(You can also share other things that Lehi saw with pictures before you begin the obstacle course and expound upon the Plan of our Heavenly Father and His Love for us, by sending His Son Jesus Christ who was born to Mary (nativity scene pic.) He lived and died for us (pictures of His baptism etc), to help show us the way back to our Heavenly Father and provide us  Eternal life so we could be with our family for eternity if we follow Him.)

*The string will represent the iron rod they will hold to and follow throughout their journey in life - (word of God)
*Guide your children with your voice through and around the obstacles you placed along the path -( your voice will be the still small voice of the Spirit, guiding them on the straight and narrow path as they hold to the word of God/iron rod)
*Have a family member laugh and try to entice each child to stray form the string, from the other side of the room- (large and spacious building, people who represent the pride of the world enticing them to stray)
*Use a mister /spray bottle with a little water- (represent the mist of darkness (temptations of the devil), lightly mist the air around your child and explain that they need to hold to the iron rod/word of God so they don't get tempted to let go of the iron rod and loose their way from the path)
*As each child reaches the end of the line of string, have them remove their blindfold and make sure the rest of their family members are there to greet them at the Tree of Life.
*Give them a piece of fruit wrapped in beautiful white tissue, for them to open and enjoy -or one of those chocolate oranges  you find in the stores around the holidays, works great too to open and share as a family at the end of FHE. (explain to them about the tree of life (Love of God) and how wonderful it was to see their family members at the end of the string when they took the blindfold off . Share with them how sad it would have been if one of them was missing or didn't make it to the end and how you would all miss them - just like in the eternities if one of you should not be there.) 
*The fruit you give them as a gift, is eternal life. By sharing the Gospel, we help others understand and partake of the truth. Emphasize how delicious it is, that it should be shared with everyone ( like their family members and friends who are not members).  You can even discuss ways each of you can share the gospel.  Most importantly, have a wonderful time enjoying the company of your family together and bringing the spirit in your home! 

For additional ideas on the Tree of Life lesson or coloring page/memory games (for your young children who would not like to be blindfolded or  can't participate) go to this link on

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