Sunday, October 3, 2010

Super Saturday-Events & Crafts

Hello SistersJust a reminder that Super Saturday is coming up fast. It will be held at the Martinez building from, 9 A.M. - 12 P.M. Our wonderful activities committee has organized some very thoughtful classes and crafts to help enrich this Holiday season.

Schedule of Super Saturday:
* 9:15 A.M.-Nora Peterson-Ideas on gift giving. 
* 9:35 A.M.-Patti Sincich- How to  choose Stories to enrich the Holiday Season.
* 10:00 A.M.-Brunch will be served & crafts will be available to start.
* Feel free to socialize and work on crafts until noon. 

We have added a couple more options for crafts. Take a look at the pictures below!!! The only one that cost money is the pumpkins. They are $1.50 a piece. Please RSVP for ALL crafts so we know how many to prepare for. If you do not sign up for the crafts there may not be any availible for you. So please make it a priority to contact: Heather Sincich (
Or Dana Broadhead (607-339-3537) to sign up. 

There will be an "Idea Table" at this event. Please bring any previous crafts you would like to share to display on the table for all to see. Please make some handouts explaining how the project can be made so all our sister may take one home to try. 

Look forward to seeing you all there. We encourage and welcome all members and non-member visitors! There will be a nursery available for those of you who need to bring your children.
 4 Fabric Pumpkins-Please select the fabric you would like when you call to sign up for this craft.
Christmas clips-Darling way to help you string up those beautiful Christmas cards your receive.
Christmas Ornaments and Frame decorating.  Not pictured: Card decorating and small gift box making by Jean Brunk, will also be included in our wonderful crafts. Hope to see you all there for this Super Saturday event!

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Thanks Rach! Looks great!